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“You Heal You shows readers the fourteen steps I used to create a unique healing formula to self-heal.  You healing you is a rush!” – Jane G. Doyle

You Heal You is a collection of inspirational and miraculous healing stories by Jane G. Doyle and seventeen modern day warriors, who have rescued themselves from major life challenges.  In her late twenties, Jane began a thirty-year trail of terror paved with undiagnosed illnesses and debilitating, chronic pain.  She carries readers along her life’s journey, her stairway to joy, to recovery.  Storytellers share similar triumphs of self-healing from obstacles such as addition, loss, and physical disease and trauma. You Heal You inspires others, with the assistance of their healing partners, to take control of their lives.  Readers are shown possible ways out of their painful and difficult situations, discover and celebrate the modern day warrior within, and self-heal.

“Take the stairs with Jane. Let life changing stories change your life.”