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“I am standing in Brazil. I see once-crippled people walk and terminally ill people now well. I realized that God can do anything. The only limitation God has is what I place on God. In that instant, I believe I, too, can recover and decide to become a modern day warrior and rescue myself from a thirty-year trail of terror paved with debilitating, undiagnosed illnesses and excruciating, chronic pain.” – Jane G. Doyle

Jane G. Doyle set out to find her cures, and along the way, met others who also took responsibility for their health. You Heal You, the result of her adventures, is a collection of inspirational and miraculous healing stories by Jane and seventeen others, who not only survived but also thrived after major life challenges. Jane carries readers along her life’s journey, her stairway to joy, to recovery. Storytellers share similar triumphs of self-healing from obstacles such as addiction, loss, physical disease, and suicide. You Heal You inspires others to take control of their lives and celebrate the modern day warrior within. Take the stairs with Jane. Let life changing stories change your life.