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First Annual Winner of the Body, Mind, Spirit Book Awards - Healing Category Reviews

Author on Spotlight: Jane Doyle

Author Jane Doyle is a one-woman dynamo. She travels the world, has a successful career, and appears to have the tiger by the tail. This isn’t just a book about a person who walks a charmed path of life, though. Instead, Doyle’s book is a roadmap for people who haven’t quite gotten their own life in perfect working order—yet. Doyle wasn’t always the happy camper. For years, she suffered from debilitating headaches and other health problems that caused crushing depression and made her life seem closer to a burden rather than a blessing. A burdensome life—while those words might seem harsh, people who suffer from chronic pain understand how dealing with those problems can affect any positive mindset, especially when the problems are long-term. It often feels as if you’re stuck in a cycle on a washing machine, banging your head on the drum with no hope for relief. Doyle understands this and her words come across as realistic without being full of self-pity and recriminations. Doyle’s book focuses on the small things you can do to bring about a positive mental and emotional attitude. The book is divided into parts and in each section Doyle shares the status of her life at that time and gives insights on what caused her to create her own positive change. By the end of the book, you’ll see the tiny steps that took place over years of effort. Was all the work worth it? Doyle ends the book with a current life update that has her well—both in mind and body. Doyle no longer suffers from the terrible migraines and other chronic pain that once shadowed her every footstep. So, did I leave something out? Was there some medical miracle that occurred? The answer is both a ‘yes’ and a ‘no’. In what is the true heart and inspiration of the book, Doyle served as her own miracle. If you’re only in Western orthodox methodologies for pain management and medical healing, this isn’t the book for you. However, if you have an open mind or if you’ve exhausted those traditional avenues, like Doyle, this book can serve as a source of inspiration and healing. Doyle inspires us to believe that we can be healed—physically and emotionally—if we only become more in touch with our own bodies and the connections to the world around us. Doyle also relied on her faith to help her heal and go on this life journey, but the book isn’t simply a source of religious inspiration. By focusing on the interconnectivity of the world around her, Doyle brought mental and emotional strength to her own life which helped her to leave behind her medical issues and the pain that had plagued her for years. The book isn’t about relying only on faith, but having faith in yourself as a healer. Those who suffer from chronic pain will understand the deep depression that Doyle describes and the frustration she felt with traditional medicine. It will also help readers to find inspiration in learning new ways to deal with those problems. Doyle doesn’t offer a quick fix to any problem. Rather, she encourages her readers to get in tune with their own bodies and offers the exact techniques she used to conquer her own issues. Fortunately, Doyle isn’t finished with her journey. This book is the first in a series and this reader is excited to find a connection to a fellow soul who is looking for ways to become healthier, using mind over matter.

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