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The Inspirer

In 1965, at age ten, Jane G. Doyle became a real Southern Belle. She had moved from her birthplace of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Martinsburg, West Virginia, and then to Decatur, Alabama, in the Deep South. Jane spent her summers at the pool, cooked just about anything on the grill, monogrammed “JGD” on everything, and spoke in a genuine and friendly Southern accent. Later, she even went to college at The University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee.

After earning her master’s degree in business in Birmingham, Alabama, Jane moved to Atlanta and began her career in finance. She has worked for the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and several investment firms. Currently, Jane is Senior Director of Investments in the Private Client Division for a national investment firm.

In her early thirties, Jane relocated to Chicago. It was love at first step. Several years before her move to the Midwest, Jane had begun getting chronic headaches. All day. Every day. It was as if someone turned on a light switch and forgot to turn it off. At first, the headaches were only mildly distracting. But by the time she arrived in Chicago, Jane was a frequent visitor to many doctors and pain management clinics. Little did she know that this was the beginning of a 30-year, life-altering experience. The journey changed Jane from an outgoing and socially active Southern transplant to an introspective reader of literally hundreds of books.

As the years passed, Jane’s symptoms expanded like a blooming Magnolia in a greenhouse. To each of her afflictions, doctor after doctor agreed: I have no answer as to why you are experiencing these symptoms. From the initial headaches to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, to massive and rapid weight gain, to chest pains, to constant neck pain, to continual flu-like symptoms, to ringing ears:
“Cause unknown.”
“I don’t know why.”
“I can’t help you.”

Before the onslaught of symptoms, Jane was socially active as a cotillion club member, the co-founder and social chairperson of the first sorority at her college, and a member of Junior Leagues. Today, Jane is the balance of the periods before and after her illness—‑—a joyful social introvert who loves adventure. She reminds her friends and family of Elizabeth Gilbert in her memoir Eat Pray Love (2006). Jane is not convinced, although she would love to visit an ashram experience in India!

In 2009, Jane experienced her first of many miraculous healings. Jane is grateful she didn’t give in to the relentless nagging voice urging her to give up and accept this life of pain as permanent. Determined to honor the pact she made with God, Jane persevered through the escalating pain and symptoms. It was one of the hardest things she has done.  But like most things requiring great effort, it has been one of the most rewarding. Jane says: “It is a rush!”

In her book You Heal You: Inspirational and Miraculous Healing Stories of Modern Day Warriors Jane G. Doyle tells her story of how she has continued to heal herself despite conventional wisdom the past four years. She is eager to share her story of hope, wonder, and recovery with the world. The book also celebrates the successes of others who have overcome extreme physical disability and emotional challenges. You Heal You shows that healing is possible with belief, determination, and perseverance. If You Heal You inspires readers to redirect their actions toward a healing solution, then Jane’s decades of struggle and anguish will have been worthwhile. You Heal You was published on August 11, 2016.